Tilden Talks is an online journal created completely by the participants in the News in the Age of Convergence project at Tilden Career Community Academy. These participants include:

Ms. Holmes Freshman English Class 2014/15

Ms. Leonard’s Sophomore English Class 2014/15

Digital Media Mentors – Luke Sequieria, Suzanne McBride and Krista Worktendyke

Ms. Holmes and Ms. Leonard

News in the Age of Convergence is made possible by a generous grant from the Robert McCormick Foundation Why News Matters program.

The goal of News in the Age of Convergence is to cultivate the dispositions of youth so that they can become:

  • Conscientious writers and producers of media committed to constructing products of high quality and aesthetic appeal which serve their audiences by providing quality information and news;
  • Critical investigators committed to truth through research and gathering of quality information;
  • Reflective and aware of the roles of the journalist in choosing modes of communication in different social settings;
  • Supportive and contributing members of their communities through contribution of quality information to public knowledge.

News in the Age of Convergence is a series of units designed by teachers in collaboration with media integration specialists and journalists from the Center for Community Arts Partnerships at Columbia College Chicago. It is part of the Convergence Academies (CA) initiative,  a Department of Education Investing in Innovation Fund-supported project that partners closely with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to create and implement a whole-school reform model that integrates digital media arts and technology throughout two CPS schools, Tilden and Morrill Math and Science Academy.



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