Student Behavior at Tilden

At Tilden High School, bad students are distracting good students by making noise when they’re in classroom. This is not fair to good students because they can’t learn.  

What kind of students are called bad students?  Those who make noise, talk disrespectfully,  tease others, don’t study, litter, etc. Bad students come to school without their uniform; they don’t have any discipline.  They speak badly to everybody. They show their bad manners by doing unnecessary activities around school or any places.  


Jennifer Gates, 9th grade student at Tilden 

Jennifer, a good student at Tilden, says, “Good students are being distracted by bad students all the time.  When good students wants to study well, bad students distract by making noise, teasing and acting like an animal so, they have to get controlled any how”.


Sharon Holmes, English Teacher at Tilden

 Sharon Holmes, a teacher at Tilden, says, “Some of the  students at  Tilden are disrespectful and some of them are  quite, polite and well  mannered.” She feels bad when some  students talk with her disrespectfully because  they don’t understand they’re only  hurting themselves not her. Students don’t think  about their studies and future, that  hurts her because there’s no point to teaching them.

Both teachers and good students are effected by bad students . When teacher wants to teach and students want to learn something, bad students disturb them, no-one can concentrate in their studies. Teachers need to control the bad students.  They need more rules that all students have to follow because that will help everyone learn.  If everyone is following the rules, this will help bad students change their habits.


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