Was she wrong?

On November 2, 2015, a nine-year-old boy named Tyshawn Lee was shot and killed in an alley several times in his upper body near the 80th block of South Damen. Tyshawn was targeted because his dad was a gang banger, and he was part of a heated gang related feud. A few days after Tyshawns death his mother made a  GoFundMe account to help pay for his funeral, and a 35,000 dollar award for information regarding Tyshawn’s death. On November 8, 2015 Tyshawn Lee’s mother was accused of using money that was donated to her from GoFundMe.com to buy a car.


Tyshawn Lee and his mother

I have conflicting feelings about this subject. On one hand, I feel that she was wrong about spending the money that was donated to her for the funeral. If she knew you wasn’t going to need the rest of the money you could have sent the money back.While Karla, Tyshawn’s mother, was buying her car she could have been trying to figure out who shot and killed their son. I understand people donated the money to her and you had left over money, but you could have considered to return the money or at least put money out to help get more information about the situation.

On the other hand, I think she was right to buy the car. They donated their money to her to have so why are they mad about her buying a car with the rest of the money? It was her money, so why can’t she do what she wants with it? If the men who were looking for her child’s father killed their son, what would stop them from wanting  to kill her? She needs protection, so she could stay alive to hear that she have justice for her son death. People should not be mad about what she did with the money because they gave it to her. It’s just a sad story. Tyshawn was young, and he had a lot to live for. Some people are just cold hearted, and it’s just sad. He didn’t deserve it.

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