Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

By: Angelica G

tyshawn and karla lee

Karla Lee and her son Tyshawn Lee

According to ABC News, a young Chicago boy, 9 years old, Tyshawn Lee was recently the target of a shooting. On November 2, 2015, Tyshawn was lured into an alley by a supposed gangbanger, shot and killed.  The community took it upon themselves to help out the mother, Karla Lee, in her time of need. People set up an account on GoFundMe to help the mother pay for the funeral cost. Before the funeral happened, Karla bought a brand new car. People are furious because it is being said that she used the money that was for the funeral to buy herself a new car.

karla lee car

The car Karla purchased soon after the death of her son. A 2015 Chrysler 200.

All of the money that was donated wasn’t needed for the cost of the funeral services because most of the funeral’s costs were covered  by Nick Cannon, the funeral home, and the church. So that proves that the money donated was used for something other than the funeral. Karla was the only one who was in control of the money, and it is no coincidence that she just got a brand new 2015 car. She claims that she used her own money to put a down payment on the car, but we weren’t born yesterday. We know what she did with that money.

Yes, it was wrong for her to use the money to buy a new car but so is treating a mourning mother poorly. It was selfish, and she should have used the money to do something positive to remember Tyshawn by, like hosting a memorial service or donating the money to an anti-violence charity, but she didn’t. In her defense, the money was hers. It no longer belonged to the people who decided to donate to her but that does not excuse what she did. She was wrong, and I get why people are upset, but she just lost her little boy. She deserves a break. She does not need the community to turn against her at this time. She needs all the support, not financially but emotionally, that she can get at the moment. I’m sure she is having a hard enough time right now dealing with not the death but the MURDER of her son and having people bash her is not doing her any good.


I understand that people are going to be upset about the money but we all should just give her some time to grieve the loss of her son. The community should try to understand what she is going through. No one knows what is going through her mind. Maybe, she will eventually speak publicly on why she bought the car. Honestly, we are all just making assumptions based on what we have heard or read about. We can be wrong and even if we aren’t she still deserves time. If she spent the money that was donated to help her and she bought a car, isn’t that still helping her? Another thing that was said in the article by ABC News was that she bought the car so she can feel safe. We all should just show some empathy for her situation for a while. We have time to be upset for the rest of our lives about money. Right now the money is not the biggest problem. The problem is a 9 year old boy was shot and killed, and a mother is left to live on with a hole in her. The problem is the streets of Chicago, and we as a community need to be more worried about that.


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