In Loving Memory Of Tyshawn Lee

mother-of-tyshawn-lee-e1447118235288By: Deangelo

On November 2,2015 Tyshawn Lee was killed on 80th and Damen in Chicago. Tyshawn Lee was walking to his grandmother’s house in the alley when he was shot. Tyshawn was targeted on purpose because his father was active in a gang.

This story really makes me sad because it’s crazy that he was only 9 years old. They should’ve killed his father if they had beef with him.  Instead, the shooter’s targeted a 9 year old who couldn’t defend himself. I didn’t know him, but it feel like he is my little brother or cousin. The people who killed this innocent boy need to be in prison for life. If this were my family member, I would go nuts. Now a days, gang bangers don’t care who they shoot.

Gang violence in Chicago is getting out of control. First, they shot a mother, grandmother, and a new born baby not too long ago. Now, they just shot a 9 year old because his father killed a rival gang member. Chicago killings have been victimizing kids for a past couple months. The southside of Chicago is really bad; I really dislike the south side. I just can’t believe that they killed Tyshawn Lee because they couldn’t get to his father. The crazier part about the shooter who killed Tyshawn is that he went on Facebook and made a status about the killing. I wish all the killings would stop, especially the killing of kids. Tyshawn’s father had conflict with another gang. Tyshawn wasn’t a bystander;  he was targeted. It wasn’t a drive-by, he was shot him on purpose.

We needs an increased police presence.

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