“DON’T SHOOT! I Want To Grow Up!”

BY: Amanda


Tyshawn Lee


On November 2, 2015,  9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was shot to death in a Chicago alley. Tyshawn was walking to his Grandmother house around 80th and Damen. Police say Tyshawn was targeted.

The sad part of this story besides the loss of life is gangbangers are now targeting kids. Gangbangers are now just freestyling; they don’t care where they are shooting now. Tyshawn’s father says he was not a “gangbanger type”.  I think he is lying. He must have done something to someone for them to pick his kid to shoot. This is not to justify the killer’s actions, but people need to be careful of their actions. Pierre didn’t tell the police everything that happened before the death of his son. I think he just didn’t want to go to jail. In an interview, Pierre said the police are, “trying to see if I’ll get mad, if I’m gonna do something. They want to lock me up.”

The other thing that’s sad about this story is people saw this happen to Tyshawn. I know kids saw this because around the time of the death they were already out of school.  The word “lured” means to persuade someone to do something. This means the person that killed Tyshawn knew him or was watching him and talked Tyshawn into walking in the alley to go with them, and they killed him. I think that was petty because it’s easy to talk kids into doing something. So they lured Tyshawn into the alley and shot  him. This couldn’t have been an accident because Tyshawn suffered many shots to the body and one to the face.

I personally feel like it’s the daddy’s fault. Pierre killed one of their gang members and thought he was going to get away with it. He should have picked his son up from school that day. I know he wasn’t expecting this to happen to his son but he killed somebody that was in a gang .Tyshawn was walking on the opps’ (a name known for other gangs enemies) block. Tyshawn didn’t know he was walking through the wrong neighborhood. He was to young to know what his involved him in. Tyshawn Lee deserves JUSTICE!

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