Why all the violence? No one Knows…….

By:  Jaquammy

Why is it that everytime I turn around,

No secret to be found someone always found dead ,

Or put under the ground ,I always asked myself why?

Why all the senseless crime?

No one should be seen to cry,

or should have to see their child get put six feet under the ground,

Chi_Raqq is the name.

Chicago has the highest killing rate all over the countries,

No matter what this is still the United States,

Why all the violence?

Only God knows why,

It’s a shame to see all these African Americans Mothers cry,

Not only are they hurt they are torn because the ones they really love is gone,

Didn’t get  a chance to say goodbye,

Not even A hug not even A little shove

Why all the violence?

Only God knows why?

To see the hurt and the pain of an mother cry,

Not only are they hurt but there love ones is never coming back,

I went through all the hurt and pain,

Not only was I hurt my was farther is never coming back,

Everything happens for a reason and God works in mysterious ways,

Killing innocent people getting killed all ages and no matter what’s the race…

I couldn’t even look my farther eye to eye or look at him in his face,

‘Cause all the pain I seen that day will never get washed away …..

Why all the violence?

And all the hate,

I never wished death upon no one,

No one deserves to die  or deserves to be on A R.I.P shirt,

My grandmother had to bury her own child

When it really supposed to be the other way around,

But not only do we need to come together and see eye to eye…..

We all need to protect one another to end all the senseless crime …

I watched my father get buried under the ground

I hear the noise and heard the gun sounds,

But what could I do?

My Father is gone and his love will always be around …

My father lost his life because someone want to be seen or want a Rep,

You want to get a name, selling drugs, gangbanging,

On the corner but you on child support but don’t know your baby name,

Killing innocent people because you have low self esteem,

And no value or goals

Because you scared to be done with the game,

No matter how many families and people have to cry …

For you to stop and put the guns down,,,

Stop all the violence and put the guns down,

How many families and people have to get hurt,

For people to stop killing innocent people…

I believe no one deserves to die everybody have a life to live……..



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