Pass The Haters By

By: JJacksonJezikiah

“I wanna sing. I wanna shout. I wanna scream till the words dry out. So I’m putting it all on the papers, I’m not afraid ; they can read all about it, read all about it”. These words were sung by the artist Emeli Sande. In that song, she was telling people you should not care what people say about you, and you should never be afraid to express your talent. People always tried to make fun of me because the talents I have, but whenever they say something wrong, I will just think of that song and completely forget about everything they would say. I believe that people should not care what other people say about them because they are different from the rest.

I remember the first time people tried to make fun of me, I was in the 8th grade, and I was in a class where everyone like to talk about each other. But when they saw me doing things that they couldn’t do, like answering questions that the teachers gave us before they did, so they started calling me bad names. I told the teacher what they were telling me for the past couple of days. After I told her what they have been telling me, she wrote something down on a sheet of paper and told me when I get home listen to a song, and it will change my life. So after I listened to the song, she said the following words, “I wrote this song for the people who have been talked about, and or treated wrong because they were not like the rest or different. I wrote it to tell you all not to care what people say they must be mad because they can’t do what you can do”. So from that day whenever someone would say something wrong to me, I would just think of what she said, and I wouldn’t care anymore.

Before that day, I always cared about what people said about me because I had sensitive feelings, I realized they must be mad because I could do things that they couldn’t. Since that happened, I never cared about what a person would say about me because I know that being different is a good thing.

In conclusion, no one should care what another person says about them because they must be haters, and want to be like you. In fact, I have a saying. “You will live life with people who hate on you, just pass them by.” If you live with this saying, then you should not care what people say to or about you. My name is Jezikiah, and this I believe.

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