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SHylandBy:  Alexis M

As Sean Braxton once said, “Not all blood is family. Not all family is blood.” The definition of the word ‘family’ differs by many different people and even cultures. I learned that just because you have the same DNA as someone, does not mean they are your family. I believe that family, like friendship, is showed through action, not bloodline.

When I was ten years old, I recall telling my friend, Samantha, that I have two mommies. She looked at me, surprised, and said, “You can’t have two mommies.” I replied with, “Yes, I have my real mommy and my foster mom who takes care of me.” She argued that my foster mother was not really my mother. When people make ignorant comments like these, it angers me. I feel as though my foster mom, Tracy, is as close as a mother as any could ever be, more so than my biological mother.

Although I understand what people mean, I do not agree, nor do I feel as though they understand how I feel. I have sisters with whom I do not even converse. I consider my foster sister, Corin, and my foster brother, Nathan, my actual siblings. I think that the definition of family are the people who always put you before them. For example, I have blood relatives who  live near to me, but they are no more of my family than my foster mother’s mother is my grandmother.

Family is not always the people who you are ‘blood related’ to. It is sometimes just the people who would do anything and everything in their power to keep you safe, love you, and put your needs before their own. My family includes my foster mother, my foster siblings, biological sister, my godfather, and his father. My name is Alexis, and this I believe.

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  1. Kim

    August 5, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    Simply beautiful. Thank you!


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