Running With The Big Dogs

Marcus P


Pitt Bulls

Each day, all over the city, large dogs like Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, are unfairly demonized because of their size and reputation.  People run away from big dogs.  They will call the police if they see one off a leash.  When the police arrive on the scene, they will pull their guns out right away.   Many people do not realize that not all large dogs are threats. If a large dog is running loose, Animal Control should catch them, then make an honest effort to return these pets to their owner before trying to put the dog down.

The City of Chicago Department of Animal Control stated that when they capture stray Pit Bulls, they take them to the vet then put them up for adoption if the owner does not show up for it.  Animal Control takes them to the vet to make sure the dogs don’t have diseases.  The spokeswoman for the department stated that agency is a no-kill shelter.  This means that they never euthanize stray animals that they capture.

Marcus Wardell is the owner of two Pit Bulls in the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood.  Animal Control has been called on one of his dogs because the dog ran out of the fence.  Neighbors thought that the dog was vicious.  Wardell was informed by Animal Control that he could have gotten a five hundred dollar ticket for the dog not being on a leash because of the breed she is. Wardell also said that the Animal Control officer threatened to put his down after this incident.   Wardell said, “Too many dogs are suffering because of the stupidity of people thinking Pit Bulls are vicious”.

Owners of pit bulls need to become ambassadors for the dogs.  They need to share the knowledge that they have, not all big dogs are bad.  Secondly, these dogs need to be in dog shows so that people can see that they are beautiful, and they can be trained.  People would see that not all big dogs are bad.  People who fight these animals should go to jail.  They should get a year in jail for every dog they fight, and two years for every dog they kill because the dog lost.

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