The Back Of The Yards/Englewood

In The Back Of The Yards, many kids don’t have anything meaningful to do after school, other than run the block and post up on the corner.

Due to the lack of community outlets, mentoring programs and parks, the only recreational expression that these kids find cool is Fe-FE’s and hanging out on the block and corner stores.

These kids are not disrespectful; they just don’t have a place or center that can accommodate their creativity and high energy outlets. This is hurting Englewood because it is drawing police attention and creating widespread fear in the community.

The person I interviewed helps set up after school programs for high schools she is apart of a group called City Year. This group is  in many high schools they are like assistant teacher; they student with their work in class when these students have problems.

I interviewed Miss Ashleigh. “I want to help these kids by creating fun things that they want to do. I also want them to have a safe place to go after school that they can be proud of.”

The second question I asked her was,” Do you know some kids that goes to the block but don’t really want to?” She answered: “Yes, I’ve had family members do that, and it was hard to watch my cousins to choose the streets rather than school when I know they wanted to do what’s right.”

I feel if these problems doesn’t get solved, there will be more kids gang banging and shootings. I really want all kids to be successful if not all most of them. I don’t want to see more violence. I refuse to see our generation die fast.

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