School Uniforms

By Chris V

At Tilden, students are required to comply with a mandatory school uniform policy. This policy is frowned upon by many of my peers because it’s unhygienic.  This policy has been in existence for 3 years.  Our school uniform policy consist of a blue polo shirt and Khaki pants. Students who do not adhere to this policy have the option of buying a temporary uniform or receive a mandatory after school dean time (i.e. detention).


Robert K in his uniform

The world should care about this issue because the school uniform like the khaki pants could be hard to get or find. This is an issue because they give us like 2 or 3 polo shirts and that’s all and the students may have to wear the same polo shirt they use. Students need more shirts so they will not run out of Tilden polo shirts.

Someone I interviewed was Robert K. He is a student at Tilden High School. I think what this person says is relevant because it’s important and I want to hear his opinions about the school uniform policy and how does he feels about it.  I asked, “What do you think about the school uniform policy?”  I also asked  “Do you like the school uniform policy”.  Robert K stated, “I personally think that it’s stupid, but it helps identify students to which school they go to”. Furthermore, he stated, “I do not like the school uniform policy because they’re too strict and demanding.” These quotes are relevant to my topic because Robert K is a good student at TIlden, believes that the uniform policy is too strict and should not be upheld.


I interview a second person and his name is Mr. Gray. His occupation sped teacher at Tilden High School and a leading expert in child development. I asked “How do you feel about the school uniform policy?” and “Do you think we should change the school uniform policy or should we leave it the same it was?”  Mr. Gray stated that the “School uniform policy is one method of identifying students and is promote togetherness. He stated, “Change is important and I feel students should be given an opportunity to propose to the principal there concerns about the uniform policy”.



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