Put Them In Their Place

By Alexis M

One of the biggest issues at Tilden High School is the lack of discipline toward the students. Without proper consequences, the students will continue to misbehave. This is an issue that needs to be addressed because it not only affects Tilden, but a majority of schools nationwide.

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Dean Smith

No matter what school you’re at, it is not hard to come across some sort of altercation.

Mr. Smith, dean of Tilden students grades 9-10, stated, “We usually don’t get new students starting trouble. We come across the same trouble starters over and over again.”

Think about it like this: If the consequences were as harsh as required for a particular incident, then how is it that the same students find themselves back in the same position? If they had learned their lessons to begin with, there would be a more likely probability of decreasing the level of misconduct.


Dean Levy

Ms. Levy, dean of grades 11-12, had a few words of her own. When asked how she thinks she can assist in decreasing levels of misconduct during the school year, she replied, “It would probably be beneficiary having more interventions, such as restoring chats, peace remediations, parent conferences, etc.”

Having these ideas in mind, a good question would be: “If you have a possible solution to these issues, why have they still yet to be put into action?”

Although both Dean Smith and Dean Levy work the same position at the same school, the contrast in the grades they work with may have something to do with it.

Smith said, “I deal with an average of 10 students a day,” while Levy concluded that she “probably gets between two and three kids.”

Because Smith deals with the younger, more immature kids who just got into high school, that could explain why they’re the ones who create the most trouble. It is most important to make their punishments harsher while they’re still in the beginning of high school and have a greater chance of meeting or exceeding their goals.

When these problems get corrected, the ease in the school lives of both teachers and students will be distinct. Fewer students will be distracted by the drama occurring outside of the classroom and be better prepared to learn.

Students need to be aware of the consequences accompanying every action. When this realization occurs, there will be peace within the students and the school.

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