Drug Abuse

By:  Katrina

The community of Gage Park, on the south side of Chicago, is suffering because many residents are abusing marijuana and crack cocaine. The residents are self medicating to treat ailments like depression. They are using it every single day to get away from everything. I think the world should care about this because what if one of your family members or one of your kids get into drugs? What will you do to help? Would you help or just sit back and just not care. The world should be concerned because there are so many people who do drugs, and they can break in somebody house or yours and steal something valuable or something your really care about and sell it for drugs.

My first interviewee is Mr. Gray. He is a teacher at Tilden Career Community Academy. When he was asked about drug abuse around Tilden, he stated, “I think many  students at Tilden engage in drugs because their reference group highly prize drug consumption.” What will  you do if one of your students dropped out of school because of drugs? I will hunt and share the consequences the negative consequences of not having a high school diploma. How will you  feel if the students wanted to do a campaign about no drugs in the school? I will fully support them to raise awareness about drugs at the school.

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Dean Smith

My second interview is Dean Smith;  he is the Dean at Tilden Career Community Academy.

Q:   How would you feel if your student or one of the kids you look out for get into drugs?

A: I will be hurt and I will sit down with them to ask them what makes them think drugs is a positive thing for them.

Q:  Will you just sit back and do nothing if drugs enter Tilden?

A: I will not sit I will speak up and have a meeting with them for I can get to know why they would bring it in the area and endanger himself with stupid stuff.

Q:  If the freshmen and sophomores wanted to do a drive to raise money for recovering drug addicts to get them food and stuff would you let them use?

A: I think it would support it and do all I can do to help because I think it’s amazing for the students to take time of their day for other people in need.  I would say about 70.5 kid drop out of school because of drugs each year .  That’s a lot and I think that these kids need somebody in their life to get them through so much and help them go through life without getting in trouble if kids had a good role model to look up to they would think about the things they do before they do it


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  1. Stephanie

    May 24, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    I think drug abuse is a real problem around chicago.


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