Distracted Drivers

by:  Deangelo C

Reckless drivers are causing accidents in Greater Grand Crossing especially at night. Many of these drivers are impaired by drugs, alcohol, loud music, or generally not paying attention to their surroundings. This issue is important because people’s lives are at risk. Also, a lot of others cars are in park and they might hit the car also.

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Officer Bailey


Officer Bailey of the Chicago Police Department said, “The speeders are not the issue. Distracted drivers are the major cause.” Distracting driving is drivers that text while driving or eating. His quotes are relevant because he is a police officer so he know about distracted drivers. Also, he might been in a car accident because of distracted driving.


Emily Williams





Emily Williams works as a security guard at Tilden High School. Williams was in a car accident.  She said her accident was caused by a reckless driver. Ms. Williams stated, “I don’t like reckless drivers period because they take innocent lives.” Ms. Williams does not like wild drivers.  She thinks wild drivers have a “Lack of respect of lives do to unsafe driving.”


If this problem is not corrected then more lives will be gone. Also, even more cars will be destroyed. If more deaths are happening because of reckless drivers people should go to jail. Also, pay a fine of $500 dollars to the family. It have been 387 accidents and 87 deaths in Cook County according to the Illinois department of Transportation.

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