By: Amber H.




The hygiene of the students at Tilden High School is very bad. The problem is that they don’t shower, wash their clothes and don’t wear deodorant. It is distracting to both the students and teachers. It can smell so bad it can make someone sick. It’s worse when it starts to get warm out because they start to sweat and smell like onions. The boys play basketball or run around and start to sweat. That’s what causes the smell.  Then the sweat stays on their clothes and they don’t wash their clothes.

When asked about the smell, Ms.Jenny from City Year said, “It’s distracting and causes people to feel uncomfortable.” They are so busy trying to get the smell out of their nose, they can’t pay attention. She thought there was a nice way to tell someone that they smelled.  “Maybe pulling them to the side, or writing them a letter.” In the letter I would say “Me and other students have noticed that you have a slight odor, that has been bothering other students.

Lexi B

Lexi B. is a student from Tilden. She said, “Not showering, not taking care of themselves, or problems at home can cause some students to smell bad.” I also asked if she would want someone to tell her if she smelled bad and she said, “ I mean, who would not want someone to tell them?”

Some people have personal problems which stop them from taking care of themselves properly and can’t help but smelling like that, but it would not hurt to try to keep from smelling like that. Some days it is so bad at school that as soon as people walk into the room they can smell it. People do not want to be rude and point out who smells but they know who it is. The students will say things like, “Someone smells musty” or “People need to shower”. It’s very embarrassing because students will talk about the people who smell. It would be really nice if someone stepped up and tried helping these students by buying them products to keep them clean, or detergent to wash their clothes. It would make things better for them and the students/staff.


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  1. Stephanie

    May 24, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    I think that now since it is getting hot outside, people really need to start wearing deoderant and taking care of their hygiene.


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