Who is City Year?

by: Zoria J


City Year Team Tilden 2014-2015

City Year at Tilden is important because they help students with their work, emotional needs, and outside problems. Many students need extra support and guidance.  City Year should be in every school in America.

Ms. Jenny is a City Year member who works with ninth graders at Tilden High School.  Ms. Jenny explained that the City Year Tilden team was put together by the bosses of City Year.” Jezikiah, a ninth grader at Tilden worked with Ms. Jenny and stated, “Ms. Jenny is a good person.  She is supportive and encouraging.”  Jezikiah, one of my classmates stated, “City Year helped me maintain focus.”  It is important that kids focus so that they get into a good college. In my humble opinion, students need City Year to help them get good grades.

Mr. AJ is also a City Year member who works with ninth graders at Tilden High School. Mr. AJ said, “I heard a lot about the school. I was cautious, but in the end, I love this place”. Katrina, a ninth grader at Tilden worked with Mr. AJ and stated , “Mr. AJ was my math teacher. he explained the worked better than than anybody else did. When the other City Year left, he still stayed with me.”  Theron, a ninth grader at Tilden worked with Mr. AJ said, “My math grade was a D when I first started the semester now it is a B”.  These personal narratives proves that City Year are beneficial to the success of schools.

They also help take stress off the teachers.  Mr. Gray, a teacher at Tilden, has a City Year member in his class.   When asked about his opinion of City Year,  Mr. Gray stated, “City Year is a wonderful support system for students who are struggling academically and they serve in many other non-academic capacities, which students greatly benefit from. ‘’

City Year members help kids problem solve and work out conflicts.   City Year members should be at every school because they are great mentors and even greater tutors.  They are there for students who are feeling lonely and bullied. Mrs. Leonard, an English teacher at Tilden High School, believes is vital in helping students succeed. “My City Year corps members worked really hard to make sure all freshman passed their English classes. They provided social/emotional support to all of my students. They formed important bonds with the students. My corps members and my students are close in age, which I think helped them formed that bond.”

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