Nothing To Do Here

By Sarah H.

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In the neighborhood of Canaryville, there is nothing to do. Kids get bored and  get into trouble. During the summer ,kids just stand on corners, and in the winter kids, mainly stay in the house.

When there is not anything to do, kids hang out outside and get in trouble. They walk around and look for things to do. Eventually, gangs form, and there is nothing to do but trouble.

Amber H. lives in Canaryville. She hangs out and just walks around because there’s nothing to do and no where to go.

“It gets boring, and we need more stores around here so we can go shopping,” Amber said.

When asked if she believes that when there’s nothing to do, kids get in trouble more, she replied, “Yes because they find stuff to get into that they’re not supposed to. When you hang out on corners and just walk the streets, trouble is obviously gonna happen. You gonna experiment with gangs and drugs.”

Ryan S. lives around here, and he knows how it feels to be bored. Ryan thinks that Canaryville lacks activities, “because it is a small neighborhood, but more things should be built here to make the neighborhood better.”

There are several improvements that Ryan would like to see. “I would like some food places built here. Maybe a shopping place or just a place to hang out. I think it would make the neighborhood less violent. It would take teens off the streets and keep them busy.”

It will get worse if the problem is not corrected; kids will continue to get in trouble; drug and gang activity will increase; crime will go up.

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