No More Reading Plus

By: Monica D.NO more R.p!At Tilden, students do an online course called Reading Plus. Reading Plus consists of reading stories and answering questions about the passage. We do Reading Plus to help students who are reading below grade level.

Reading Plus should no longer be part of English class or grade system. It’s a waste of time because most students do not do it or take it seriously. The students that actually take it seriously shouldn’t be demanded to do it during class time.

Jasmin V.

Jasmin V.

 I interviewed Jasmin V., a student in Ms. Holmes’s 9th grade honors class. “I don’t think Reading Plus is productive because it takes time away from our actual learning.”

Reading Plus is a waste of time if not everybody finds it useful. The way students read and answer questions about unnecessary stories shouldn’t determine their capability.

But others think the program is worthwhile.


“I think Reading Plus can be helpful if the students take it seriously, but not enough people take it seriously,” says Ms. Holmes, the 9th grade honors English teacher.

Ms. Holmes is one of the teachers at Tilden required to do Reading Plus during her class time.

“Reading Plus is to improve the speed of students’ reading and comprehension. It has helped some people increase their reading levels, but if it’s not taken seriously then there is little reason to continue it.”


I interviewed Ms. Leonard, the 10th grade English teacher at Tilden. She strongly believes Reading Plus is productive. “For English classes, that’s the best thing we have.”

She believes Reading Plus has helped students read on grade level even if it wastes most of her class time.

“There has to be consistency,” she says, but if nobody tries, then there is no point in having Reading Plus.

Reading Plus shouldn’t be continued if it’s not useful for everybody. It’s unfair that everybody has to do it even the students that don’t need it. There is no point of having Reading Plus if it just sinks grades and wastes class time. Reading Plus also counts for a grade in English, which is why grades are sinking. If they removed Reading Plus, there  would be more class time to do something productive. No more Reading Plus would mean more assignments and less wasted time.  

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  1. cameron campbell

    March 4, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Reading plus is a waist of time and not only that it is full of glitches. For example every time i start a new story, ill get about half way through and log off but when i go back to read the next day thinking ill start from where i left off but it makes me restart. I have have evan been told to pause it before i log off but it still does it. i have asked everyone in my class of 22 kids if they take reading plus seriously. Only 2 said yes.


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