Drug Abuse

by: Amanda

Rampant drug abuse, especially of crack and marijuana, is destroying the Fuller Park community because adults are exposing children to drugs. In the parks, on the corners, and in abandoned houses and fields, drug dealers and users are exchanging money and drugs in front of children. Children who are exposed to this can have a negative effect on children.

Ashliegh Teasely's Parents

Ashliegh Teasely’s Parents

Ms. Ashleigh Teasley is a City Corps member at Tilden High School. Ms. Ashleigh Teasley grew up with two parents who were drug abusers. Ms. Ashleigh felt that growing up like that did nothing but hurt the community and her family.  In her opinion,  it affected the community in a negative way because it did nothing but destroy and tear families apart. Ms. Ashleigh stated, “It hurt me, and it confused me because I didn’t know why my parents would put something before me.” She feels that it messed up their relationship with each other. She said, “It affects the relationship I had with my parents.” As she was growing up it made her think it was acceptable for adults to do drugs and steal but later she found out it wasn’t doing nothing but destroying the community.

Some people don’t think drugs is all that bad. Bailey is a senior at a high school in Chicago. The reason why Bailey says she uses drugs is, “cause it keeps me calm and the stress goes away when I smoke.” A lot of people smoke because they think that being high will make the things they are going through go away.

Bailey doesn’t think certain people should do drugs she stated, “because some people go crazy.”  She says that because when specific people do drugs they start acting differently.

Snapchat-2379737896966633279 (1)According to drugfree.org, 23.5 million Americans are addicted to drugs. That is approximately one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12. Exposing children to dangerous illegal drugs is maltreatment. Children who are around people who abuse drugs are at risk for violence, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and behavior that makes children feel uncomfortable. Forcing a child to hide an adult’s drug abuse, consistently leaving a child at home alone, and consistently ignoring a child needs according to narconon.org are other forms of maltreatment children are exposed to. Children that grow up like this eventually turn into gang bangers or drop out of school.

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