Damaging Local Parks

By: Anna S

Around my neighborhood Canaryville, we have lots of parks, and a big percent of the parks are damaged. They are damaged by the neighborhood Kids, and after all the years that have passed by, I have noticed the parks are  getting worse. The reason why I think the kids do this is  they have nothing else to do. They are damaging the parks are by breaking the chains off the swings, pouring sand, juice, mud, and water down the slides so other kids cannot go down the slide, and not let any of the kids have any fun. The reason why the Canaryville residents  should care is their child can be in harm’s way.  Another reason is they might not see that their park is being damaged, but sooner or later, they will  notice the parks getting worse every month, year, day, and week.

Robert J is eleven, and he goes to Alexander Graham School in Canaryville which has a neighborhood park. He has been caught several times damaging the park.  Robert said, “The reason why  I do the thing that I do is because  I want to fit in with my other friends that do the same things”.   He was caught breaking the brackets off the swing set which  meant that other kids cannot swing. Furthermore, Robert admits,“I try to fit in but to be honest I do think about what I am doing. If I don`t do the same thing that they are doing then they think that I am a wimp and I won’t be popular any more.” Being popular is important to him.  I will always have people to talk to and not worry about anybody picking on me because I know that they will have my back.”

Juliana B, thirteen also attends Alexander Graham school.  She doesn’t have a big problem with the parks be damaged. She stated, “I started to damage the parks is when I was twelve years old.” Why was it important “why it was important to me was because all of the people I knew did something bad in their life and they had me thinking maybe if they are doing something bad I can do something bad my self” how they do bad. “what my friends and family did was not good some of the things they have  done was crazy and not necessary   for what they have  done I do not want to talk about what they have done.” That is all thank you very much.

Jeremy V is 13; he  attends Holden Middle School which is in Bridgeport. He says,“What I do to the parks  is my business.  If I want to break things, I can.  If I want to put stuff on the slides, then I can. I have no reaction if it is a parent I will curse the parents out.   If the cops get involved in it then I am running. I did it many times so I don’t have to worry about getting caught.” Jeremy’s mom, Molly, said, “I have no clue that Jeremy has been doing all of this all this time, so there’s really nothing I can say to this right now.”  Jonny V, 34, is Jeremy’s father. He said, “I know what Jeremy does at the park ,but I can’t handle him. I try to tell him that he can go to jail, but he does not listen to me, so I am sorry. I am done.”

If this is not fixed this will be getting worse by the year or even more or less than a year. We can’t fix it only the kids that are doing it can fix it. The possible thing that can change and I think that will change are the slides but that is really the only thing. And that are the kids parents coming to the park with their child every time they go up there. So their child is being watched and if they get caught and their parents can yell or do what ever to them.

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