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Biking is the main way of transportation in Canaryville during the summer. Because Canaryville has only a few bike lanes, people are biking in the street and that is very dangerous. It is important that we get the bike lanes because people are getting injured everyday by speeding cars.

Lexi B

Lexi B

Lexi Brown is a resident of Canaryville. She had some thoughts about children being injured on the streets while riding bikes. Lexi said, “I feel sad, but at the same time they shouldn’t be in the way of the car. They should be in the bike lane, and the cars should be in their lane.” When informed that not all streets have bikes lanes, lexi said, “Well they need to build some”.


Jobita Alfaro

Jobita Alfaro

Jobita Alfaro is also resident in Canaryville. She has been there for a couple years. She, too, had some thoughts about the little kids going home crying from being hit by a car while riding their bikes. Jobita stated, “Well, I think that if a kid got hit by a car, they wouldn’t be going to their parents crying because they would go to the hospital first in case of any injuries, especially since they might not be able to walk when they get hit. But I could tell you this, everytime I hear about someone getting hit by a car, it gives me the chills and it makes me angry at the driver because it’s upsetting to know how irresponsible people can be behind the wheel. I feel like driving is a privilege and the fact that people can ‘hit & run,’proves that those people don’t deserve to have a license.”


Over 1,700 youths have gotten hit by cars between the years 2009 and 2011.  These numbers will keep rising as more people start to drive there will be more accident. A total of 4675 pedestrians were injured and 734 were killed in bike and car accidents.  A lot of the people that get hit die in the accident.

Chicago currently has more than 200 miles of on-street protected, buffered and shared bike lanes. This is a lot of bike lanes but what about all the bike lanes on the side streets where most off the little kids are getting hit by drunken drivers or racing through the street and not watching both ways and where they are going.

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