Abandoned Homes In Englewood

Abandoned houses are all through Chicago especially in the Englewood neighborhood. Drug dealers and bad people use these homes to sell drugs and do other dangerous and illegal activity. Some people use these homes as a hide away or another home.

The problem with this is these people are turning cute, big, wonderful homes into boarded-up, dirty, nasty homes, and it makes the community and neighborhood looks bad.


Alderman Raymond Lopez of the 15th Ward discusses issues with Tilden High School students.

Alderman Raymond Lopez represents West Englewood, Back of the Yards, Gage Park and Brighton Park, from 67th and Ashland to Archer and Kedzie. There are 55,000-some people in his ward.

Vacant, abandoned buildings are a huge issue in his ward. He said a high school student who was taken and beaten in an abandoned house for two days. A junkie found the boy.

According to Ald. Lopez, there are 406 abandoned buildings in his ward – an average of 6 buildings per block. Lopez wants to get rid of these eyesores.

“That’s priority No. 1. You can’t escape them – they’re across from schools, near parks.”


Tilden student Deangelo C., who lives at 73rd and King Drive, said there are two abandoned houses on his street. According to Deangelo, we can fix the abandoned houses up and put people in them. He said it doesn’t bother him that he lives by abandoned houses because he does not have to live in them. He says he heard about someone being raped and also people smoking drugs and going into a abandoned house for fun.

If this problem is not corrected, people maybe be scared to move into our neighborhood or start labeling our neighborhood bad. Also, the neighborhood looks worse and worse because of these abandoned houses.

There are possible solutions are the city fix the houses and make them look pretty again. Maybe they can have a dog or alarm around the house so when someone is trespassing, you know. The city can put cameras around the buildings/houses, corners and throughout the neighborhood .

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