Pick Up The Pace

By Jasmin V.

Students at Tilden High School feel that their learning is being halted because some teachers dumb down lessons for the students who are not on grade level. They choose to assign less work; they use vocabulary fit to the less advanced students level.

This is an issue because brighter students will be challenged after high school, and if they have it too easy now, they will be unprepared for the future.

“I believe it is not preparing them for their future,” said Angelica G, a student from Tilden High School. She, like many others at Tilden, feel that she being denied the right to her education. They have  to sit in their classes and not feel challenged by the materials in class.

Teachers should definitely stop making lessons easier for the lessons for the less advanced children. Making the lessons easier interferes with children’s learning and keeps them from expanding their minds. Kids need a challenge to motivate them to work hard, and as long as teachers make the lessons easier, students will not be prepared or motivated.

Students even have ways to solve this issue. When asked how they thought teachers should teach the students, instead of making lessons less challenging one student, Angelica G, suggested dividing the students, “by separating their classes.”


Angelica G.

When teachers dumb down lessons, they tend to spend longer time on lessons and make the vocabulary less difficult. They also expand the time that students can turn in work. They cut students slack, so the children tend to take the work and classes as a joke.  Teachers should be more strict when it comes to work, then maybe students will learn to take it seriously.

Teachers take the material in class to a lower level so kids in the class could understand it.

“I feel like it’s material from seventh and the beginning of eighth grade,” stated Monica D., another student from Tilden.

In Monica’s math classes, the lessons on one subject last up to a week just because of students being ignorant, rude and loud.

In English class, they read The House On Mango Street and Our America, yet most of the kids could not handle that level of reading. They struggled greatly on finishing those books. Yet some students said they read those books in lower grades. The students who actually pay attention have to deal daily with all these inconveniences and are held back on their work. Some students actually have a desire to learn, yet they cannot simply because of the lack of motivation other children have.

Ms. Holmes, Freshman English Teacher


Ms. Holmes, who has taught at Tilden High School for three years, knows the struggle of having students at different levels of learning. She has to struggle to balance challenging the advanced students while slowing down for the other students. Ms.Holmes was asked how she “dumbed down” lessons for the the less advanced students. “I would not say it was “dumbing down; I would say I teach to the middle. I don’t teach to the struggling kids, I don’t teach to the smarter kids, I teach to the middle so I can reach them all.”

This is why classes should be separated into learning levels instead of just jamming kids into classes because there are not enough students in one class.

For the education of children, they should be separated into their learning levels; teachers should not give students slack; teachers should be strict about the work they assign.

In English class the teacher Ms. Holmes stated, “ I give extended time on work.”

Students should not have to suffer because of their peers ignorant ways. Students should be able to receive the education we deserve and need for their future benefits.


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