Too Poor To Learn

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Many teenagers who live in poverty conduct themselves in a manner that harms their progress in school.  Defiance, fighting, and foul language indicate these students are not getting their needs met at home.  The world should care about this issue because there is so many teenagers and young children that live in poverty, and it brings out bad behavior out of many teenagers.

Ms. Sharon Holmes is a Chicago Public School teacher who works at Tilden High School which is in a high poverty area.  All the students at this school receive free lunch.  Ms. Holmes has been teaching thirteen years and grew up in poverty.  From a teacher’s point of view, she said, “Poverty impacts education because kids are more focused on getting material things rather than their education.”  Instead of trying to learn, kids have other things on their minds.  They want money, clothes, and things that they see that other people their age have.  The students are ticking time bombs because they don’t have what they want, so they act out. Ms. Holmes added, “They try to cover up what they are going through by acting out so people don’t notice that they are living in poverty”.  Ms. Holmes, who grew up in poverty, said that she did not act out, but she had to tell herself that she did not want the things she saw everyone else with, but deep down inside she really did.


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Mr. Frederico

Mr. Frederico is Chicago Public School security guard. Mr.Frederico  been a security guard for 3 years at Tilden High School which is in a high poverty area. Mr.Frederico grew up in poverty as a child he grew up in a single parent home. Mr.Frederico said as a child growing up in poverty he was angered that he could not have what he wanted and sometimes what he needed.  Mr.Frederico showed bad behavior as a teenager growing up in poverty. He showed behavior bad behavior by talking down to teachers,cutting class,leaving school,getting into fights. Mr.Federico said he was showing this bad behavior so people did not see what he was really going through. Mr.Frederico said that he thinks poverty plays a big roll in why some teenagers show bad behavior and turn to violence.



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  1. Reggie Taylor

    June 17, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    Hi tilden its Reggie I miss yall!!! Ms.Holmes put my book up I e-mailed it to you.! Just checking up on the website you guys n girls are still doing great keep it up.!


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