You Momma

By Brenda

I saw the light you gave me life
Momma you gave me my whole world
and I grew up and watching it all swirl
I didn’t appreciate the good taught me
Now I see what I came to be

I try my hardest to do better
My life story is just a poor $hi*ty letter
I saw you cry
And it wasn’t no better option but just to getting high
You didn’t fail as a parent not at all
If anything I failed as your kid
I grew up without a father look at what HE DID!
You were that one girl that from everybody he just hid.

He got you pregnant where did he go
Did he really fell that low?
He left his girl all alone
The one he had never even shown

I don’t blame you Momma
You tried your really best
And that’s why I be feeling blessed
I feel that deep inside my chest

Please don’t think that I never cared
Now i feel like what I’ve done wasn’t fair
It’s too late to show you love and dedication
But you will FOREVER  be my inspiration

I’ll do the good
And stay away from all these hoods
I will shine bright
Even on these really dark nights

I feel weak standing over your grave
Because now that you’re gone
I don’t seem much brave
But I promise that for you momma
Every night I’ll pray.

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