Tilden Turns Around!

Damian Lopez


April is highly anticipated by people for many reasons. It could possibly be because it’s an introduction to summer or because of the many festivals the city of Chicago has to offer. For students, it could simply be because of spring break. However, at Tilden Career Community Academy, the anticipation is baseball.

This spring, the Tilden Blue Devils have a little spring in their step. They have begun the season with a 6-0 record, going 4-0 in their conference. The Blue Devils’ hot start portrays the potential undefeated season they could have.

The Blue Devils are swinging the bats profusely this season. They are currently batting above .500 as a team.

Not only are they batting, but the Blue Devils are getting on base regardless. With a current on base percentage of .618, the Blue Devils are seeing the ball well this year.

Tilden is putting on a scoring frenzy in front of the student body, faculty, and neighboring communities. The Blue Devils are building hype around their unheralded name. This hype has caught the attention of many journalists and even 11th ward alderman candidate John Koslar.

Tilden’s student body is also very excited and proud to see the undefeated start. You can see and hear the team spirit when Tilden plays on their home field Fuller Park. Parents and neighborhood fans make the game a fun environment, cheering on all the players. Tilden’s media program also records the games, announces players, plays music, and gives play-by-play announcements to keep the audience alert and entertained.

While many people are excited for the Blue Devils, no one is more excited than head coach Alberto Simental. “It’s a great thing to see the team succeed and have fun at the same time” Simental said.

Simental has been the coach at Tilden for the past three years. He has always been around the sport. Simental was coach for his community’s team for four years prior to joining Tilden. He coaches with a winning demeanor, but with a fun mentality as well.

Simental keeps a close knit relationship with his players to ensure they are on track. “Coach (Simental) checks up with me everyday to see how I am doing with my academics. He provides a lot of support,” Senior second baseman Damian Lopez said. “Coach gives us a lot to look forward to.”

With that being said, Tilden has a lot in store for them as the season progresses. Go and support the Blue Devils at any of their games and stay updated with stats by downloading the GameChanger app  and following Tilden.

Check out schedule here: Tilden Baseball

Go Blue Devils!

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