The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Facebook


By Nicholas

In my opinion, every teen in the world most likely has a Facebook. Facebook is a social website where people are supposed to meet new friends and connect with old friends, but many teens don’t use Facebook for its actual purpose.

The status option on Facebook is supposed to be a tool to update people on big, new things going on in your life, but now teens are using the status option to get attention.

For example,  they will ask friends to LMS (Like My Status), and in return, they will put something on your wall. Some teens also get very annoying when making statuses like that because they make one like every 5 minutes, which spams other people’s newsfeed.

Here are some tips on how to use Facebook:

Facebook Don’ts

1. Please don’t keep making pointless statuses that nobody cares about; when you get 5 or less likes you should know no one really cares. Example: Just took a dump, feeling fresh. This is just too much information.

2. Please stop changing your profile picture every day; this isn’t Instagram.

3. Stop sending those annoying game requests to other people because that just blows up their notifications. People don’t have time to waste on games – we got a life.

4. Stop making these “to be honest” statuses like every 5 minutes. I mean once in a while it can be OK, but more than that is just too much.

5. You should stop talking smack to other people on Facebook if you can’t back it up in real life.

6. People who add hashtags on their photos for no apparent reason, I’m sorry, but I think they meant to go on Twitter.

7. Girls who do the duck face in all their pictures. I don’t know why they don’t they by now they look dumb doing it.

8. And I almost forgot to mention those couples on Facebook that consecutively post statuses about how much they love each other. That’s annoying because no one cares about how much you love each other.

Facebook Do’s:

1. Don’t join Facebook until you’re the correct age, which is 13.

2. Include photos or videos along with your statuses to make them more appealing.

3. Try to actually add new friends to your Facebook account because that was what Facebook was made to do.

4. Add some sort of background in your profile picture to make your profile more interesting to look at.


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One Comment

  1. Will F

    February 19, 2015 at 1:02 pm

    You’re right, people really need to learn to use the internet right. They are seriously hurting others when they don’t even know they’re doing it. It’s a shame Facebook can’t moderate better.


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