Looking Good

By: Jabarria

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#Rule Number 1: Wash Your Face With Soap & Water

Many people don’t realize this step is the most important step. They just wake up put makeup on, and they have nasty coal in their eyes or remnants of yesterday’s makeup. It just makes their makeup look ugly and their faces looks nasty.

#Rule Number 2: Put On Your Eyeliner

Pull your bottom eyelid down in a slanted, so you can make a perfect line. Most people don’t do this, but it helps because when they don’t, it gets all at the top of their eye, and it looks messy.

 #Rule Number 3:  Put On Your Eye Shadow

The next step is putting on eye shadow. If people put it on before the eye liner, it’s going rub off. The biggest mistake people make with eye shadow is choosing eye shadow that is too dark for their complexion. Another error people make is putting on too much eye shadow. 

 #Rule Number 4: Put On Your Blush 

Blush is important because it accentuates your cheeks. It can be pretty, but if you put on too much, you’re going to look like a clown.

 #Rule Number 5: Put On Your Lipstick 

It’s lipstick; it goes on your lips not on the side of your lips, not under your lips, not on top of your lips.  You should make sure it’s not all around your mouth because that’s just plain out ugly.  When it goes on, make sure here are no lumps. Invest in a good kind of lipstick like Cover Girl. Dollar store and beauty supply lipsticks are not cool.

#Rule Number 6:  Enjoy Your Beautiful Face

Remember makeup is to bring out your natural beauty, not to hide who you are.

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One Comment

  1. Lime Green Herse

    August 1, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Jabarria. This piece turned out GREAT! I can hear your voice in the piece. Fantastic work.

    Remember when you didn’t even want to write it in May and you just wanted to chat with Jala and Pharoo? I’m proud of you for sticking with it and publishing your article.

    Thanks for the advice for how to keep me looking cute and fresh and not like a “newborn baby” (Jashima’s words, what she said when I came to class with no make up and y’all clowned me). Although I never wear blush cuz I’m too pink for that.

    I miss you a lot, and I’m going to print out pictures of us to decorate my office so I never forget you all. I love you, J-Bar SWAY <33333


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