Why Can’t We Wear Our Own Hoodies?



By Dae’Mia

Why can’t we wear our own hoodies?

One day late last year,  I came to school, and I heard the security guards yelling at people telling them to take off their hoodies and give it to them or put them on under their shirts. A lot of people had their jackets taken away because they wouldn’t cooperate.

I started thinking to myself, why are they taking our jackets? At the beginning of the school year, we were able to wear our jackets and nobody would say anything to us.

Then one day, with no warning, it all changed. There were no announcements saying that we couldn’t wear our own hoodies. We didn’t know why we couldn’t wear our own jackets. We were told we could no longer wear hoodies.

9th grader Lexie thinks the hoodie policy is unfair. She thinks that certain people should be able to wear their own hoodies because they aren’t wearing gang-related hoodies.

Lexie also thinks the hoodie policy was started because people were wearing gang-related hoodies and hoodies with their dead homies,  and it was offending people.

Principal Maurice Swinney said one of the reasons he changed the hoodie policy was because students were wearing gang-related  jackets.

Another reason why Principal Swinney put the policy in place is because he wants us to be united by showing the Tilden logo on our shirts

He also said it was hard to tell who was wearing a hoodie with the hood up, which wasn’t safe.

Mr. Swinney said he got a few complaints from people saying, “We’re cold” and “it shouldn’t matter what what hoodies we wear.”

Mr. Swinney also stated he’s never going to change the hoodie policy because he wants us to be one school. He wants us all to be safe and doesn’t want anyone to start arguing over gangs.

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