Trust in Relationships

Trust in Relationships 
By Shontion
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I feel like trust is the key to all relationships. Without trust, you will have one unhealthy relationship.
By unhealthy, I mean the relationship won’t be good. You’ll argue all the time about the smallest things, possibly have to deal with jealousy, and you will also have to deal with assumptions. The reason you will have to deal with assumptions is because when your partner doesn’t trust you, they’ll start to assume things.
One time, I had to go through the whole “trust” phase last year when I moved from Indiana. Of course, I had to leave my boyfriend behind, and I hated that because I did not have a doubt in my mind that things were going to go in the wrong direction as far as our relationship went.
As I suspected, it did. We didn’t talk as much, so I assumed that he was being “sneaky.” I felt like whatever he was doing wasn’t that important to where he couldn’t call or even just text me. I was so used to talking to him all day I couldn’t help but to assume the worst, especially when I couldn’t get a simple text reply.
Ruby, 15, says by talking to each other, that’s a way to build each other’s trust.
Although I made a lot of assumptions about my boyfriend’s behavior, I wasn’t always right. I assumed he was talking to other girls, and he wasn’t.
I assumed he was telling other girls he was single, and he wasn’t. I also assumed he no longer wanted to date me for always assuming the wrong things and reacting with out actually talking it out.
Jalyen, 14, says by giving respect, the way he acts, builds trust in a relationship.
Since my boyfriend was doing the right things, I learned to trust him.
If you’re going to assume anything good or bad, don’t react as if you know that what you’re assuming is true or not. I personally feel like you should talk to your partner, that way you’ll have a better outcome.
Why put your relationship at risk all because of little assumptions that could’ve been turned into simple conversations? I mean I learned that early, and I’m glad I did because if I didn’t, I would’ve possibly lost the boy I love. Luckily, I didn’t.
Hopefully, it’s not to late for you and you can take my advice to better your relationship, especially if it’s long distance because I know that could be the toughest. But I also know it could definitely work out.
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  1. Kim Richards

    December 29, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Thank you! These are very wise words. It’s so hard to trust. Not reacting and keeping an open mind and heart are essential. This can be hard to do when there is fear of being hurt but we must be willing to learn and heal.


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