How Do We Have a Safe Summer?

By Anthony

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Lately, people in Chicago had been having concerns about their 2014 summer.  They’re asking: “Are we going to be safe this summer?”

As a African-American male teenager, I don’t feel safe at all and I am worried about summer. Honestly, summer hasn’t really begun officially, and there already been over 90 shooting deaths.

Students at Tilden Career Community Academy and some teens in the Englewood neighborhood discussed the question: “Will you feel safe this summer?”

Tilden students said they feel safe, just because of the people who they are around, and they know right from wrong.

The teens in Englewood said they might not feel safe because a lot of things happen in that neighborhood, especially shootings.

Darnell, a friend of mine, said, “The same place where I live, I can die today, so I’m doing my best to stay out of harm’s way and ball on my own two feet.”

What do you think we can do to change the crime rates, make it decrease instead of increasing day by day? How can we better ourselves? In the community we stay in, instead trying to fit in with.

Personally, I don’t think it’s much we can do for the city of Chicago; the people here are just reckless. Not everyone in Chicago is bad, but it’s just certain things that wouldn’t help Chicago at all.

Now as far as bettering ourselves, there are a lot of major things we can do. We can start off by helping our community, cleaning it up, making it a place where people would just feel safe walking through.

We can also stay from around the wrong crowd. We can just be ourselves, not do what everyone else is doing. Stay true, humble; don’t be a fool, be successful in school.

I promise you won’t regret it at all, not one bit if you just be yourself. You’ll never know where life takes you even if you didn’t have the best childhood.

I know I didn’t, but I always listen to my mama because she was the only thing I had in life and she’ll always tells me, “Anthony, when you want to succeed more than you want to breath, you can achieve anything.”

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