Dealing With Parents

By Maria


Have you ever had an argument with your parents? Have you ever had to side with one parent over another? Do you ever wonder why your parents are the way they are? Do you want to find out a little more about how to solve this problem with your parents? Dealing with parents is a huge problem that teens face every day.

Well, I did some research and interviewed some classmates, Lizbeth and Rasheed. They have experienced problems with their parents the last couple of years. I also asked for the opinion of a parent, Suzanne McBride, because parents also have freedom of speech about how they deal with teens.

Lizbeth, 14, claims that her mom screams a lot without any reason, usually when her mom sees her sitting down doing nothing. Her mom tells her to get up and do something, and they’re always fighting over doing chores.

“My mom always expects me to be finish with whatever she tells me to do.”

Rasheed, 16, says his mother just doesn’t understand. One of their biggest arguments occurred when his mom didn’t let him go to his friend Endia Martin’s funeral.

Rasheed said, “I was very angry. I wanted to go and remember my best friend, but I couldn’t.”

Another argument they usually have is about is food because he likes to eat. He usually says, “Buy me some food, because I am hungry,” and she says no. He thinks that maybe there always arguing with each other because she is stressed out.

On the other hand, Suzanne McBride, 47,  is a mother who experiences teen attitude because she has a 14-year-old and a 10-yearold.  When dealing with her children, something she tries to do is always keep her cool and not raise her voice and yell. She gives timeouts for herself and her children, and sometimes they lose privileges.

“Something I argue about, especially with my daughter is that her room is always messy or about being late because she likes to be early to everything.”

Here are six ways to deal with your parents:

1. RESPECT them as much as you can.

2. Do your best not to offend them.

3. Try to reason with them.

4. Try to earn their respect by doing well at school or helping them around the house.

5. Think about your parent’s situation too and what they’re going through.

6. DON’T stress them or frustrate them.

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  1. Richard

    February 19, 2015 at 4:55 am

    I think that respect and reason are very important and the others are as well.


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